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Choosing a Long Range Rifle

Choosing a Long Range Rifle

Part Skill—Part Equipment

Sept 10, 2018 | Christensen Arms

Ready to take aim at targets beyond a few hundred yards? You may be in the market for a firearm designed specifically for long range performance. These rifles will often be larger and heavier than other alternatives, but what they lack in portability they deliver in performance at extended ranges. Long range shooting is part skill and part equipment, but those who commit the time and effort to master the sport stand in a class of their own.

It’s important to consider all the elements of a firearm when choosing a long range rifle. The best rifle will have the right stock, action, trigger, and barrel to suit your unique needs. A long range or precision stock will generally be bulkier and weigh more than lightweight hunting options in order to provide a solid platform for the firearm. Additional weight is often due in part to adjustable components or specialized features such as a flat forearm or vertical grip angle. A smooth and reliable trigger is a must. Offered in both traditional steel or carbon fiber, barrels on long range rifles will be longer and have a heavier profile than standard barrels to help ensure consistent shots.

Selecting the right chambering for your long range rifle is also critical. The needs of hunters versus the needs of tactical shooters may differ. Luckily, many popular chamberings are well suited for long range shooting. The energy and range of 6.5 Creedmoor and .300 Winchester Magnum will provide the ballistics necessary for the majority of challenges. For larger game at remarkable distances, hunters may want to shoot a large magnum cartridge such as .338 Lapua.

Whether your ambitions play out on the shooting range or on a dream hunt, Christensen Arms builds a rifle that can help you beat the distance. For those who prefer a steel barreled rifle, our Mesa Long Range is ideal for precision shooters and long range hunters. Marksmen who are looking to upgrade to a carbon fiber barrel may seek out our ELR for hunting or our BA Tactical for challenging shots on the range. If you refuse to settle for anything less than the very best—our TFM is the ultimate long range tactical rifle.