BOG™ Death Grip Sherpa Tri-pod



  • Premium carbon fiber legs
  • Quick-release arca-swiss mount system
  • Twist locks for easy, secure height adjustment
  • 3-position leg angle locks
  • Center post mounted gear hook

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The BOG™ DeathGrip Sherpa is the ultimate backcountry tripod. Designed as a multi-functional tripod platform, the DeathGrip Sherpa weighs just over 4lbs and utilizes a quick-change system on top of a glass-smooth ball head mount, making it perfect for glassing and shooting on the side of a mountain. Couple this with a proprietary hybrid foot, twist-lock legs, the proprietary DeathGrip clamping system, and a removable center post. The DeathGrip Sherpa provides the most versatile backcountry capability at a fraction of the price of its competitors.

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Weight 5 lbs

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