Wheeler® Professional Scope Mounting Kit Combo



  • Firearm Accurizing Torque (F.A.T.) Wrench
  • 10 gunsmithing screwdriver bits
  • Level-Level-Level
  • 1″ scope ring lapping bar
  • 30mm scope ring lapping bar
  • 1″ scope ring alignment bars
  • 30mm scope ring alignment bars
  • Lapping bar handle
  • Lapping compound
  • Thread lock
  • Flex driver

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The Wheeler Professional Scope Mounting Kit will properly align, attach and level your scope on your gun. Alignment and lapping bars make ring alignment simple and easy. The Level-Level-Level provides precise linear leveling for your scope and the F.A.T. Wrench® guarantees exact torque specs on your scope rings. A flex driver is included for use with a power drill.

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Weight 10 lbs

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