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Made in the USA since 1995




Why are you a Christensen Arms enthusiast?
I have always pursued what I consider to be cutting edge technology and that is exactly what Christensen Arms is all about. Their vast knowledge and experience in the use of carbon fiber technology makes for an extremely light weight rifle that delivers down range. The advantages that they bring to the competitive shooting world and extreme hunting is really state of the art. The people who make the rifles at Christensen Arms are down to earth True Red, White and Blue Americans and they take a lot of pride in what they do. I really consider it an honor to represent them and their work. And most importantly Christensen Arms rifles are Made in the USA!

Tell us about a hunt or day at the range that stands out as a special day.
Every day I have a Christensen Arms rifle in my hands is a Special Day to me! Regardless if I am at the range or in the field hunting I know it will be a great shooting day because I have the best rifle made in my hands that is accurate and dependable. Christensen Arms rifles will literally motivate you to get to the range or in the field and that will always deliver results. Every time I shoot my CA15-G2 rifle I am amazed at the accuracy and ease of handling that it delivers. I also love to head to the mountains and crush targets with my MPR 6 Creedmoor and MPR 6.5PRC rifles. I have shot a lot of rifles over the years and the accuracy that my Christensen Arms rifles deliver is absolutely outstanding. So a “Special Day” to me is anytime I am shooting my Christensen Arms rifles…

Rifle of choice?
There cannot be just One, it is forbidden! The CA12-G2 is my go to rifle for all of my 3-Gun competitions. It is the lightest handling AR platform that I have ever shot and is also the softest shooting AR rifle that I have used. The rifle literally doesn’t move when shooting offhand and has no problem delivering .5 MOA accuracy. When shooting Limited Division (red dots) I am running Hornady 53 VMAX SuperFormance ammunition launching at 3200fps turns my 16” barrel into a little laser. When shooting Tactical Division I like to run the Hornady 73gr. ELDM match ammunition. It bucks the wind great and hits the targets hard down range.
When it comes to long range my go to rifles are the MPR series both carbon fiber and steel barrel versions. I am currently running the MPR Steel Barrel version in 6 Creedmoor and this rifles accuracy is amazing. Factory Hornady 108 ELDM ammunition is delivering ½ MOA all day and my hand loads with the 108 is sub ¼ MOA when I do my part. This rifle is going to be a force to reckon with in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and National Rifle League (NRL) Production Division. It will hang with any of the 5-10K custom rifles being built out there for their PRS Open Division and I love crushing targets across the Idaho mountains with it.

Optic of choice?
CA15-G2 Setups – I think they forgot to add the “s” to Optics of Choice…. Made in USA!
Limited Division nothing beats Leupold’s LCO and their new Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS). The RDS now comes with a low profile target turret allowing you to dial for distance which is a big advantage when engaging long range targets.
Tactical Division my go to is the Leupold Mark 6 1-6 FFP and it has been my mainstay for years. The built in bullet drop compensated (BDC) reticle works great for long range engagements and for in close work the wide field of view and bright red dot allow me to shoot the same speed as any red dot scope.
MPR Long Range Setups
Production Division in the PRS/NRL has a MSRP cap that the rifle and scope cannot exceed; rifle is 2.5k and optic cannot exceed 2K. I am using the Leupold VX-3i 8.5-25 FFP with the custom CCH mil reticle and love the scope.
Open Division Mark 5HD 5-25×56 FFP has absolutely amazing clarity and brightness. The target turrets are crisp and more importantly accurate and repeatable when dialing long range. I use both the Horus H-59 and Leupold’s custom CCH reticle in my Mark 5 scopes.