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About the Program

For our friends in the industry, we’re happy to offer up to a 40% discount on our firearms. Since you’re here, that means that you’ve been referred by a Christensen Arms employee to purchase a firearm through our Pro Staff Program. Approved Pro Staff members are allowed one discounted firearm per 12-month period. Not all firearms are available for program purchase.


Must be currently employed resident of the United States, working in an affiliated industry and have been referred by a Christensen Arms employee. Your occupation exposes our firearms to ready-to-buy clientele.


Please allow 30-90 days for your order to be fulfilled. Orders for our new Evoke, Modern Carbon Rifle, Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire, Ridgeline FFT, and Mesa FFT rifles may have longer lead times. Our team is working diligently to bring these rifles into the 30- to 90-day fulfillment timeframe as quickly as possible.


Please email

TERMS & Conditions

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be offered. All orders must be submitted online via this form at and approved by your Pro Staff link referrer. There is a $35 shipping and handling fee. Your FFL dealer will handle sales tax unless you live in Utah. Any abuse of this program will result in the loss of all program privileges.