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Made in the USA since 1995



Founded in Utah in 1995, with roots in the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms developed the first carbon fiber rifle barrel. This patented technology resulted in one of the most innovative advances in firearms within the last two and a half decades.

With over 20 years of firearm experience focused on using top-tier aerospace materials and processes, Christensen Arms manufacturers some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the world.



When we first developed the carbon fiber barrel, we knew it was going to become one of the most innovative advances in firearms in recent decades. Offering superior strength and rigidity over traditional heavy-profile barrels and the extreme light weight of light-profile barrels, our carbon fiber barrels are engineered and manufactured in house from aerograde materials to ensure they meet the same high standards and quality control you would expect from any product carrying the Christensen Arms name.

Our technology and aerospace pedigree guarantees precise measurements and verifications of twist rates that ensure a repeatable and highly accurate rifle.  Every Christensen Arms chamber is CNC machined using minimum-diameter match-grade reamers and optimized for accuracy and performance. Our barrels are reamed and inspected to a tolerance of +/- .0002.


Built using 416R stainless steel, our stainless barrels are precision machined to the industry’s highest standards, stress relieved, and hand lapped to guarantee sub-moa accuracy.


Designed using precision engineering adopted from the aerospace industry, our carbon fiber barrels are crafted using a proprietary layered design that fully utilizes the strength and thermal conduction benefits of carbon fiber to achieve more consistent barrel harmonics and accuracy. The barrel lining is machined from 416R stainless steel, button rifled, and has a bore tolerance of +/- .0002.