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About the Program

One of the perks of being a Christensen Arms employee is purchasing firearms at a discount. You can buy a firearm outright, or you can put a firearm on loan. Putting your firearm on loan means that the firearm’s price will be taken out of your paycheck equally over 12 months. You can only have one firearm on loan at a time, but you can buy as many firearms as you would like at any time.

Employees become eligible to purchase a firearm outright with their employee discount after being employed for 60 days, and after six months, employees can put their firearm on loan. Regardless of company tenure, all employees must be in good standing to purchase a firearm. Every employee request is sent to HR for approval.

For help, please visit HR.

Terms & Conditions
All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be offered. All orders must be submitted online via this form at There is a $35 shipping and handling fee for remote employee orders. Your FFL dealer will handle sales tax unless you live in UT. Any abuse of this program will result in the loss of all program privileges.