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Made in the USA since 1995


Christian Schauf shooting his Christensen Arms rifle


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Christian Schauf here. I’m a proud ambassador for Christensen Arms.

My motto is “life is not a dress rehearsal” and that’s led me to experiencing some pretty amazing things in this lifetime.

I grew up on a sprawling Wisconsin farm before traveling the globe with my band, collaborating with musical legends like Prince, Soul Asylum and more. I’ve been SCUBA diving with Richard Branson, spent my 30th birthday in Sadaam Hussein’s home, but far and away, my favorite adventures are hunting trips in remote locations in the world.

Christensen Arms has been with me on almost all of these and is an expression of my love of adventure and passion for the outdoors. Their products are second to none, and when it comes time to pull the trigger, my Christensen rifles have never let me down.

It doesn’t matter if it was a sub-zero moose hunt in the Yukon, hunting kudu in South Africa, or helping harvest axis deer in Maui, my Christensen Arms rifle has always been strapped to my back, and helped me close the deal.

My adventures have instilled in me a profound understanding of and passion for the critical value of preparedness. A harrowing night in a tumultuous winter storm served as a wake-up call for me, revealing the necessity for products that provide preparedness and peace of mind not only in harsh conditions, but for everyday emergencies of all kinds.

Today, I serve as CEO of Uncharted Supply Co ( I work with my team to develop preparedness solutions, from survival kits to portable battery chargers and more. My ultimate goal is to build a brand that significantly enhances the safety and well-being of individuals, all the while empowering everyone to embark on their unique adventures with unwavering confidence.

In addition to serving as a brand ambassador for Christensen Arms, I also represent esteemed brands such as AKU Boots, Lululemon, The Normal brand—and also work closely with brands like PSE Archery, Huckberry, Garmin, SITKA, Polaris, GoRuck and 1st Phorm.

Christian’s Favorite Products

Left-Handed Ridgeline


Javalin Pro Hunt Bipod


FFT Upgrade Kit


Ram Skull Trucker