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Why are you a Christensen Arms enthusiast?
I’ve had my eye on Christensen Arms for many years now. When they started building carbon fiber barreled rifles for hunters, it really piqued my interest and showed that this company cared about a lot of the same things that are important to me. They understood how critical light weight rifles are in hunting. All serious big game hunters understand that a high-quality, lightweight rifle allows you to hike and hunt better. They also understood that exceptional accuracy is paramount. Hiking in the mountains for days and days leads to a split-second opportunity. The more accurate the rifle, the better chance for success even if you don’t make a perfect trigger squeeze. Inherent accuracy allows a slightly larger margin for operator error; and none of us are perfect with our shots all the time. And, finally, Christensen Arms understood quality craftsmanship and engineering. They deliver the whole package in their rifles. And while their rifles are not inexpensive, a Christensen Arms rifle, in my opinion, represents the absolute best value in quality hunting rifles available today.

Rifle of Choice?
Traverse. Took it to the Yukon on a sheep hunt, incredible. Lightweight, durable, it survived everything the Yukon threw at it. That said, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying all of the various Christensen Arms rifles as yet but am certainly looking forward to doing so. I expect that I’m going to love every single one of them based on my experiences so far.

Tell us about a hunt or day at the range that stands out as a special day.
Any day with family.

Optic of choice
Leupold. For over 30 years now, the only optics I use.