Anarchy Outdoors Tuxedo Rifle Grip


Features and Benefits

  • AR-style Grip works on any chassis or AR-style precision rifle with a 45° safety selector
  • Allows direct alignment of the index finger
  • Flat grip with a true thumb rest
  • Minimizes shooting fatigue and maximizes comfort during long hours of competition or load workups
  • Grip geometry allows for unparalleled speed in situating your rifle for awkward shooting positions
  • Filled-in profile with the Anarchy Outdoors logo for a sleeker look and feel
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. by military veterans

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The Anarchy Outdoors “Tuxedo” Precision Rifle Grip was developed by a former 3rd Ranger Battalion special operations soldier and several law enforcement agents with the shooter in mind.

This unique grip design gives Precision Rifle Competitors an edge. The Tuxedo’s design allows for a true-thumb rest position while allowing the index finger to be lower and directly in-line with the trigger.

This is the same grip that is featured on our new Christensen Arms MPR Competition rifle.

The Tuxedo grip fits both precision bolt action or precision AR-Style rifles.


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