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Internationally renowned award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, videographer, naturalist, wilderness guide, and outfitter with decades of experience in the field.


Over 25 year’s experience in Counter Terrorism and SWAT training. He trains various tactical groups, including specialized units within our military, federal, state and county law enforcement organizations.


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It’s the last day of @shotshow, and it’s been so fun showing you the all-new Modern #Hunting Rifle. What is your first reaction - a scale of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. ...

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Jeff gives a booth your and answers questions live. ...

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Our all-new Modern Hunting Rifle was introduced at @shotshow and has been a hit.

You can select from 4 stocks, 4 grips, 3 forearms, and choose between a drop mag or floor plate. You decide what you want at any time and build a rifle custom to your shooter profile and preferences: 40+ configurations and more than 200 options to consider. We’ll be sharing a lot of content on this today. What’s your favorite configuration: Hunter, Precision, Backcountry, Precision, or Tactical?

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Here it is! Meet our all-new Flash Forged Technology (FFT).

For 2022, the newest innovation from Christensen Arms is Flash Forged Technology (FFT) which represents the latest in carbon fiber structural manufacturing.  Instead of maintaining the status quo of “overbuilding” a product to meet safety standards, Flash Forged Technology employs an engineering approach to achieve the lightest possible structure while exceeding crucial strength and safety margins.  Utilizing an aerospace monocoque shell, Flash Forged Technology eliminates unnecessary internal weight.  The result is an FFT-designed stock that is up to a full pound lighter than traditionally manufactured carbon fiber composite rifle stocks – creating a more consistent shooting foundation while reducing user fatigue in the field.  Flash Forged Technology is available exclusively on select Christensen Arms firearms.

With conservation being at the forefront, Flash Forged Technology also results in greater environmental sustainability as it was created to save energy and eliminate waste. Utilizing automated processes and virgin recyclable materials, FFT is truly 100% zero-waste manufacturing.  Trimmed composites are repurposed into new carbon fiber parts without producing harmful toxins or emissions.  This new technology helps support Christensen Arms goal of wildlife conservation by reducing our environmental impact and protecting our lands and wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations – all while creating a superior product.

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You're so close to learning what we're releasing @shotshow. Another benefit of our new technology is there won't be one sliver of carbon fiber that goes to waste. Every piece will be used in new parts of a new product. The way we see it, conservation efforts extend way beyond hunting and harvesting.

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We're a technology company at heart. And this week, we're so excited to share what our latest innovation is in full detail and what it means for you.

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