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Carbon Fiber Stocks

Carbon Fiber Stocks

The Foundation of a Great Rifle

August 20, 2018 | Christensen Arms

Every great shot is achieved—in part—with an excellent gunstock. The best barrels, actions, and firing mechanisms still require a stable and secure base to produce an accurate firearm. A good stock will be made from a high-quality material that provides strength and resists changes in temperature or humidity. We prefer carbon fiber. Christensen Arms produces two tiers of stocks: our Carbon Fiber Composite Stocks and our Aerograde Carbon Fiber Stocks. Both processes produce excellent components for various models and price points.

Our Carbon Fiber Composite Stocks are designed to offer the user a strong and lightweight stock at an affordable price. These gunstocks are found on our Mesa, Mesa Long Range, Ridgeline, Classic, ELR, and BA Tactical rifles. They are always painted and built in a number of styles and finishes to suit a range of needs.

These stocks are produced by trained composite technicians at our facility to ensure an exceptionally high quality stock. The process involves a proprietary carbon fiber and fiberglass composite. The stocks are cured before being sanded and refined throughout our finishing process. Bedding consists of a spot-bedded recoil lug in conjointment with dual Invar pillars. These materials and methods produce a durable gunstock that won’t weigh down your firearm.

Taking it a step further, our Aerograde Carbon Fiber Stocks are engineered using advanced materials and processes to take full advantage of the superior strength of our aerospace-spec carbon fiber composites. As our top tier, these stocks are the lightest and most rigid models we offer and can be found on our Summit TI and TFM rifles. They are offered in both natural carbon fiber and painted finishes.

The goal of these gunstocks is to provide the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. This is achieved with aerospace-spec composites that are hand-laid and processed by our team of technicians to construct one of the lightest and strongest stocks available on the market. These monocoque stocks are finished with full receiver glass bedding and carbon fiber pillars. The result is a truly remarkable feat of engineering that feels as good as it looks in your hands.

Whether you’re looking at a complete firearm or a component, all of our gunstocks are manufactured in-house to meet the strict standards we require for any Christensen Arms firearm. All of our components are made in America and are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.