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Competitive Shooting with Christensen Arms

Shooting with Christensen Arms

3-Gun / Multi-Gun

Aug 12, 2019 | Christensen Arms

Multi-Gun competitive shooting encourages competitors to push the limits of their skills in a challenging environment. Equipment makes all the difference too—with many passionate 3-Gun and Multi-Gun participants choosing to carry our CA-15 and other Modern Sporting Rifle platforms into the field. Here are a few of the talented men and women who shoot Christensen Arms: 

Josh Wakamatsu

“I have always set my sights on being the best shooter I can be. Where does that put me compared to the tops guys in the country? I don’t know, but it keeps me motivated trying to improve and get better. 

I’ve been fortunate to have several shooting clubs that have helped me grow and progress as a shooter. Starting out is hard and there is so much to figure out.  Not only the shooting aspect, but gear as well. As I’ve progressed and gotten better, I’ve found it rewarding to be able to help shooters old and new and teach them what I’ve learned. This is a sport about progression and perfection. Always striving to get better and better. Being able to bring new people into the sport and help it grow gives me enjoyment.

I started competing in 3-Gun / Multi -Gun competitions at the beginning of 2013.  I shoot about 5-7 major matches a year. I consistently place in the top 5 and have won my division several times. I was able to win a National title at the United Multi-Gun League National Championships earlier this year.” – Josh Wakamatsu

Casey Pratt

“I am still technically a rookie and shot my first major match in October 2015. I’m pretty new to the game but have been lucky to surround myself with veteran shooters who are among the best. My life in the 3-Gun game started when I happened onto a 3-Gun match while rodeoing in southern Utah. I was instantly HOOKED! Shortly there after I built my own private range where I try and shoot everyday. 

It’s a huge honor to represent Christensen Arms and shoot their rifles. They have a long legacy in the shooting and hunting world and to be a part of that is something I do not take for granted. Their rifles are outstanding and the people behind them are even better! I’ve gotten to know the Christensen Arms team and watching and learning from them has been priceless. Shooting for Christensen Arms gives me a lot of confidence as their guns function flawlessly, are a work of art, and the accuracy is easily sub-MOA. 

I am currently shooting Open and 2×4 Open divisions in 3-Gun competitions. It is the ‘top fuel” division where almost anything goes as far as equipment and optics. This is where the CA-15 thrives.” – Casey Pratt

Bennie Cooley

Bennie Cooley has extensive experience in Counter Terrorism and SWAT training and has cross-trained and trained with various tactical organizations to include specialized units within our military, federal, state and county law enforcement organizations. Bennie has served on the board of directors for the Mountain States Tactical Officers Association, and received their Excellence Award in recognition for winning back-to-back National SWAT Team Championship in Gainesville Georgia. Bennie has also received two World Class Quality Improvement Awards for his leadership and training of personnel where he is recognized for his outstanding ability to instruct and develop individuals in CQB Shooting, Long Range Engagements, Active Shooter and Hostage Rescue Operations. 

7-time Winner – International Tactical Long-Range Rifle Championships, Gillette, Wyoming
5-time Winner – USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada
4-time Winner – SOF 3-Gun World Championships Law Enforcement Team Champions
4-time Winner – MGM Multigun Ironman Match, Parma, Idaho
3-time Winner – SOF 3-Gun World Championships, Las Vegas, Nevada
2-time Winner – Team Leader National Championship of SWAT, Gainesville, Georgia
2-time Winner – Secretaries Trophy First Place Team, Central Training Academy
2-time Winner – North Carolina Tactical 3-Gun Championships, Fayetteville
2-time Winner – Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Championships, Phoenix, Arizona
1-time Winner – World Sniper Championships, Camp Atterbury, Indiana
1-time Winner – Sniper Challenge, Stephenville, Texas, Match Winner
1-time Winner – Department of Energy (DOE) Small Arms Tournament, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tim Panic

“I started my Multi-Gun career two years ago in April 2017 and I was hooked. I was fortunate to go to a local club that has some top-level shooters, and I saw what real speed and accuracy looked like. I loved the camaraderie within the sport and the drive of other competitors to help new shooters succeed. I dove headfirst into learning about the best equipment, my Christensen Arms CA-15 being one of my first rifle purchases specifically for 3-Gun. I loved the unique look of the carbon fiber barrel, and that it was a locally owned company. 

Because of the support from fellow shooters I was able to learn so much, and I wanted to push myself until I found my limit. Throughout the last few years I have met so many awesome people and have been lucky enough to train with the best. This has pushed my abilities farther than I could have alone. This year, I was thrilled to finish First in 2×4 Open at the 2019 Limcat custom UML District 1 Championship, and Second in 2×4 Open for the 2019 Cedar Valley Multi-Gun Championship, and the 2019 Sig Sauer UML Multi-Gun Championship.” – Tim Panic

Ed Espinoza

Ed Espinoza is currently a law enforcement officer in California. Ed has experience as a SWAT team leader and sniper. Ed is retire from the United States Marine Corps Reserve where he served numerous tours in Iraq as well as being a team member where he competed in both service rifle and pistol. Ed had earned both the Distinguished Marksman and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges and was a member of the President’s 100 for both rifle and pistol. Ed currently competes in USPSA pistol, pistol caliber carbine, Multi-Gun and UML Multi-Gun.

1st Place 2019 Limcat United Multi-Gun 2×4 Tactical Division
2nd Place 2016 SafariLand Expedition 2×4 Multi-Gun
1st Place 2008 Pacific Navy Rifle Match