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Christensen Arms SHOT Show 2024 recap

2024 SHOT Show Recap

By Christensen Arms
Legendary hunter, Jim Shockey, holding the all new Christensen Arms Evoke rifle at SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show Recap

2024 SHOT Show was a resounding success. We introduced multiple groundbreaking new products to the market, met with key industry partners, talked shop with media, and caught up with countless friends. Our booth was home to many celebrity sightings, as well.


1. New Products

We flexed our innovative prowess at SHOT Show 2024, bringing with us three world-class new products: Evoke, Modern Carbon Rifle, and Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire. Feedback on these new rifles exceeded our wildest expectations. Our team can’t wait to start shipping these new models in March — and customers can’t wait to get their hands on them.

SHOT Show 2024 attendees checking out the new products in the Christensen Arms booth
The new Christensen Arms Evoke Hunter model on display at SHOT Show 2024
The new Christensen Arms Modern Carbon Rifle on display at SHOT Show 2024
The new Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire on display at SHOT Show 2024

2. Industry Day at the Range

Rain and wind didn’t put a damper on Industry Day at the Range (IDATR). Our team had a blast showing off our new Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire and helping attendees hit faraway targets.

A SHOT Show 2024 attendee shooting the Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire at Industry Day at the Range (IDATR)
A SHOT Show 2024 attendee shooting the Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire at Industry Day at the Range (IDATR)

3. Media Buzz

We got to catch up with a ton of our favorite writers and publications at SHOT Show, and we were blown away by the response to our new products. We’re creating a new page on our website to showcase Christensen Arms in the Media, but in the meantime, here are a few of our favorite videos that came out of SHOT Show.

4. Partners Making Moves

As much as we love showing off at SHOT Show, it brings us just as much joy to see what our industry partners and ambassadors have been working on.

This year, we set up a podcast studio in our booth where our CEO, Vic Keller, had the opportunity to chat with legendary hunter, Jim Shockey, after his in-booth appearance and book signing. Plus, our team sat down with our friends from Spartan Precision, Leupold, and Hornady.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel — those interviews will drop soon!

Christensen Arms CEO Vic Keller interviewing Jim Shockey at SHOT Show 2024
Christensen Arms EVP Marketing Willie Vernon interviewing Rob Gearing and Hannah Gibson from Spartan Precision
Christensen Arms EVP Marketing Willie Vernon interviewing Tim Lesser and Shawn Skipper from Leupold
Christensen Arms EVP Marketing Willie Vernon interviewing Seth Swerczyk from Hornady

5. Big Names, Big Smiles

We could tell you how much fun we had at SHOT Show 2024, but the daily recap videos pretty much speak for themselves.

Spring Cleaning Sale

By Christensen Arms

Spring Cleaning Sale





March 21 – 31, 2023

50% OFF


Side-Baffle muzzle brakes feature four large side ports to effectively reduce felt recoil and four threaded top ports to dial in muzzle rise.

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50% OFF


Radial muzzle brakes reduce felt recoil and do not need to be timed. This is the design that is shipped with all of our hunting rifles.

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30% OFF


Crafted using a proprietary layered design that offers any marksman, superior accuracy and performance.

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20% OFF


The ultra-lightweight adjustable system found on the MPR, now offered as an individual component.

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20% OFF


Not only will this kit give your rifle a fresh new look, it will also shave off more than a pound in weight.

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20% OFF


Christensen Arms created the first carbon fiber wrapped barrel, and we’ve been making the best ever since.

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10% OFF


From bipods to magazines and t-shirts, save 10% sitewide.

*Sale only applies to in-stock items. Free shipping applies to orders in the contiguous United States. Up to (3) Brakes at 50% off MSRP. Sale only applies between March 21, 2023 and March 31, 2023 and is not retroactive for previous purchases.

Master of All: The Modern Precision Rifle

By Christensen Arms

Master of All: The Modern Precision Rifle

A quality gun is as much at home in a sturdy safe as it is in the back of your pickup. It’s packed alongside meat sticks and sunflower seeds as you embark into the great outdoors. It’s a valuable instrument for honing your skills and chasing after excellence at the shooting range. And it’s a trusted partner as you sit on the side of a mountain with your eager twelve-year-old on the first day of deer season.

A good gun is a premium ticket to everything good that life has to offer. And that gun has a name: The Modern Precision Rifle from Christensen Arms.

It’s fair to say that the MPR comes closer to emulating the term “do-­­everything” than any other rifle that I’ve come across. If I could pick only one rifle to use for dinging steel with my buddies to humping up the side of a mountain for elk, the MPR would be it. Its combination of light weight and a complete set of relevant features puts this one in a class by itself.

—Guns & Ammo

It’s like a trusty dog that follows you everywhere—one that just so happens to also be a next-generation, precision-engineered product of decades of innovation, all wrapped up in a tidy, efficient package. It’s light, compact, and effortlessly dependable. It’s not just a gun that can go everywhere. It’s a gun you’ll want to take wherever you go.

Outstanding accuracy and ammo tolerance come from the carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel. Carbon fiber tends to tame barrel oscillations while stiffening its spine, resulting in a tube that’s bull-barrel consistent but mountain-rifle light. Combined with the handlapped match-tolerance bore, it typically provides incredible levels of accuracy and consistency.

—Petersen’s Hunting

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re introduced to the MPR is its ultramodern, slick design that immediately lets you know you’re not just looking at another mountain gun. Then you pick it up, and another advantage the MPR has over your typical gun becomes abundantly clear: weighing less than 7 pounds, this thing is damn light for a heavy-duty rifle. As the name suggests, it’s built for accuracy surpassing just about anything else in the market. And you can’t pack that much precision and power into so light a product without mastering the art of efficiency. The MPR is one compact piece of engineering.

So pick it up. We dare you. Feel how light it is, run your hand along the sleek carbon fiber, and start imagining all the places this gun will take you.

As soon as the stock folds, the MPR gets about 25 ­percent shorter and infinitely easier to transport. Looking at the MPR, I see a rifle that is easy to live with.

— Guns & Ammo

testing limits with Andy Stumpf

Testing LIMITS with Andy Stumpf

By Christensen Arms
testing limits with Andy Stumpf

Testing LIMITS with Andy Stumpf


Sometimes, they’re to be tested. Other times, they’re to be respected.

Enter Andy Stumpf.

andy stumpf with his Christensen Arms Ridgeline rifleAndy is a highly decorated, immensely respected retired Navy SEAL. Throughout his storied 17-year military career, Andy embarked on hundreds of combat operations around the world, including the US’ most critical missions—as part of legendary SEAL Team Six.

Today, Andy travels the world imparting the leadership knowledge and skills acquired through his military exploits on Fortune 500 companies and national, state, and local government organizations.

He’s also a die-hard hunter and fitness enthusiast who’s known for pushing limits.

At Christensen Arms, we’re honored and thrilled to call Andy Stumpf a friend and brand ambassador. He embodies many of the qualities we hold dear: strength, virtue, dedication, perseverance, honor, passion, humility… the list goes on.

Naturally, when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Andy on a Montana elk hunt, we jumped on it. We knew it would be an epic project.

However, we didn’t realize it would be an exercise in respecting and testing limits.

Knee-deep snow. Sub-zero temperatures. Blistering winds. Unrelenting terrain and weather. Fleeting daylight. Endurance and resolve-testing treks. When Montana brought extreme weather that pushed Andy and the team to the limit, a decision had to be made regarding how far to push and which limits to test—and by how much.

With the odds stacked against them, could Andy and the team get it done in brutal conditions?

There’s only one way to find out.

detail of the Christensen Arms booth at 2023 SHOT Show

2023 SHOT Show Recap

By Christensen Arms
detail of the Christensen Arms booth at 2023 SHOT Show

2023 SHOT Show Recap

The 2023 SHOT Show was a major success, both for Christensen and the industry as a whole. It was great to see so many familiar faces, as well as incredible innovation going on in the space.

Here are a few key highlights from the show:

MHR Unveiled

MHR display at 2023 SHOT Show
We teased the Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR) at the 2022 SHOT Show with a 3-D printed prototype. At the 2023 SHOT Show, we brought the real thing—and it was a smash hit.

Attendees flocked to the booth to learn about MHR’s innovative design, including the modularity that makes it one of the most advanced, versatile hunting and long-range rifles on the market.

New MHR components will ship in Q2 2023, allowing owners to create up to 200 unique configurations to fit their precise needs and preferences. did a full feature on the MHR, which you can view in its entirety on their website.

FFT at the Forefront

Christensen Arms Flash Forged Technology FFTAnother hot topic in the booth was Christensen’s Flash Forged Technology (FFT). FFT builds on our history of innovation in carbon fiber technology, which began when we invented the carbon fiber rifle barrel in 1995.

FFT is a proprietary manufacturing process that uses infrared heat in the forging process to create carbon fiber components, such as rifle stocks and handguards. Our new FFT components are incredibly light in weight and heavy on precision and strength.

Currently, FFT components are available on our Modern Hunting Rifle, Mesa, Ridgeline, Modern Precision Rifle, and CA5five6.

Learn more about our Flash Forged Technology.

Ridgeline FFT Wins

Ridgeline FFT wins the 2022 Ballistics Best Readers' Choice Award
We’re thrilled to announce that Ridgeline FFT won the 2022 Ballistics Best Readers’ Choice Award for best bolt-action hunting rifle. We don’t make our rifles to win awards, but they’re deeply appreciated by our team. We work hard to create the best products for our customers, and it’s wonderful when the folks who use our rifles tell the world how much they love them!

Read more about the award on the Ballistics Magazine website.

Half Face Blades Giveaway

Half Face Blades custom knife giveaway at 2023 SHOT ShowAndrew Arrabito, founder of Half Face Blades, was kind enough to offer up a custom knife for us to give away at the show. What happened when we announced the winner was something we never could have imagined… he gave it away to a young man he knew would covet it even more than he would. It was an unexpected show of generosity that brought a smile to everyone in the booth!

Uncharted Supply Co. Giveaway

Uncharted Supply Co giveaway at 2023 SHOT ShowChristian Schauf, founder of Uncharted Supply Co., also made a generous donation, providing a SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System for an in-booth giveaway. During the show, Christian also did a livestream on the Christensen Arms Instagram account, which detailed all of the components of the SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System and their importance in survival situations.

If looks could kill... the Modern Hunting Rifle

A Gun for All Seasons: The MHR from Christensen Arms

By Christensen Arms
If looks could kill... the Modern Hunting Rifle

A Gun for All Seasons: The MHR from Christensen Arms

Sometimes you’re up early, trekking up a ridge as you scan the opposite hillside for that fleeting glimpse of an elk. Sometimes you’re following a herd of pronghorn across the prairie. Sometimes you’re huddled behind a blind. And sometimes… Well, you get it.

Every hunt is different. And sure, adding fifty different varieties of hunting rifles to your arsenal, one for every possible scenario, can be half the fun. But what if you had a single weapon that checked every box?

That single weapon is the Modern Hunting Rifle.

Surely that’s just hyperbole, you’re telling yourself. There’s no one rifle that does it all—or at least no single gun that does it all well. And you’d be right, if the Modern Hunting Rifle didn’t exist.

But it does, and the world is taking note…

“This rifle is not your daddy’s Model 700. The Christensen Arms MHR takes the latest manufacturing methods and components and blends them into a high-end take on the contemporary hunting rifle.” – Ballistic Magazine

The MHR is the most modular gun on the market. It’s a happy marriage between the accuracy potential of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle, taking the whole package a few steps further with over 200 different possible configurations.

Whatever you’re hunting, wherever your pursuit takes you, at least one of those configurations is just right. And if you need to switch gears mid-hunt, we’ve got you covered: you can rapidly alter almost your entire setup without ever needing to re-zero.

But it’s not just versatile. We’ve come a long way since our ancestors chased a saber-toothed tiger with a sharp stick, and the MHR is the culmination of thousands of years of humanity figuring out the best way to kill big game.

It’s futuristic. It’s classy. If James Bond needed a hunting rifle, he’d choose this one.

“In the world of big-bore double rifles, this gun is an exceptional bargain—and versatile and beautiful to boot.” – RifleShooter Magazine

So if you’re just looking for a gun that does one thing and does it well, you’ll find a million rifles out there that fit the bill.

But if you’re looking for a high-tech firearm built for any shooter and any scenario that looks good and performs better, look no further. The modern hunter needs a Modern Hunting Rifle.

“Keeping your gear’s weight to a minimum while hunting in the backcountry is essential to having a productive day in the field. Hunters and shooters looking for the performance of a chassis rifle but with great hunting ergonomics will like the Christensen Arms’ Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR).” – Tactical Life Magazine

Find a dealer near you today and add a Modern Hunting Rifle to your arsenal.

Innovation at the Forefront: How Christensen Leads the Firearm Industry

By Christensen Arms

Innovation at the Forefront: How Christensen Leads the Firearm Industry

How Lightweight Guns Make Christensen Arms a Heavy Hitter in the Firearm Industry

What the Firearm Industry Has to Say about Flash Forged Technology

At Christensen Arms, we use Flash Forged Technology to create the lightest, strongest rifles you’ll ever shoot—guns that change the way you hunt in the backcountry. And we’re not the only ones who say so.

Exhibit A is the Ridgeline FFT, a gun that’s 5.3 pounds of eye-catching innovation, nominated for Ballistic’s Best Reader’s Choice Award 2022. According to Rifle Shooter magazine, it’s “a rifle built with two guiding principles: It must be accurate enough to make the most important shot of your life and light enough to allow you to get in position to make that shot. Christensen Arms succeeds at both these objectives.”

Rifle Shooter points out that a successful hunt may come down to a single shot, so dedicated mountain hunters invest in the best equipment. “With so much riding on your rifle’s performance, it’s no wonder so many serious hunters choose Christensen Arms, and their newest rifle—the Ridgeline FFT—is an example of what a top-shelf backcountry hunting gear should be.

The review concludes by saying, “Christensen Arms has done a magnificent job adding high-tech features to the traditional mountain gun design and in doing so, they’ve set a higher standard for high country rifles.

Other publications have plenty to say about the Ridgeline’s place in the hierarchy of hunting rifles, too. Shooting Times adds, “Christensen arms has long been a leader in lightweight precision hunting rifles. The recently introduced Ridgeline FFT model upholds that tradition, and it could very well be the best semi-production rifle of its type the company has made. . . If just getting up the mountain and earning that shot is a battle in itself, the Ridgeline FFT is a potential game-changer.

But the Ridgeline FFT isn’t the only game-changing rifle from Christensen Arms. Weighing in at just 5.5 pounds, the Mesa FFT is the kind of gun you’ll be glad to have when you’re miles away from your truck. It’s “an ideal rifle on the mountainside, or for long treks to your hunting location,” according to The NRA American Rifleman, and “a great solution for hunting in challenging terrain and for long treks in the wilderness,” according to Hunting Retailer.

The verdict is in. Ask anyone who’s ever picked up one of our hunting rifles. If you’re a serious hunter looking for a lightweight gun that will go the distance, you can’t do better than Christensen Arms.

Christensen Arms Now Offering Their State-of-the-Art Rifles in 6.8 Western

By Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms Now Offering Their State-of-the-Art Rifles in 6.8 Western

Dec 29, 2022 | Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and carbon fiber barrels, is proud to announce they are now offering 6.8 Western as a cartridge choice on their premium rifles.

The 6.8 Western cartridge utilizes a fast-rifling twist rate that allows for the use of very high ballistic coefficient and high sectional density .277′′ bullets that excel on bigger game and at extended range. The 6.8 Western cartridge has really taken off with many hunters and Browning and Winchester now produce several different variants of 6.8 Western ammo for hunting elk, deer, moose, bear, and many other big game animals.

“We are dedicated to providing our discerning customers with the very best products in a vast array of calibers, a commitment which continues with our latest selection of firearms available in
6.8 Western,” said Wille Vernon, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Christensen Arms. “No matter the application, customers can count on a Christensen Arms rifle in their preferred caliber
to get the job done.”

Designed using precision engineering adopted from the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms’ new 6.8 Western carbon fiber barrels are crafted using a proprietary layered design that offers
any marksman superior accuracy and performance. The barrel lining is made from match-grade 416R stainless steel and is measured to a tolerance of +/- .0001. When it comes to accuracy,
Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrels have the performance you can trust.

Rifles Available in 6.8 Western

You can find 6.8 Western chambering available in the Mesa FFT, Ridgeline FFT, Traverse, ELR, Summit, and Modern Precision Rifle (MPR) platforms. You’re welcome to explore each rifle’s specs if you want to learn more about the 6.8 Western carbon fiber barrels and barreled actions.

So You Got A Christensen For Christmas?

By Christensen Arms

So You Got A Christensen For Christmas?

Christensen Arms Rifle Accessories

Dec 27, 2022 | Christensen Arms

Either your family knows you all too well or your personal shopping list got an extra boost of merry this year. Regardless, you found yourself sitting on a sparkly new Christensen Arms rifle this Christmas morning…lucky you, my friend. But now is when the fun really starts.

Christensen Arms rifles are known for being lightweight, versatile, and modular. So what does this mean?

There’s a world of epic accessories available to customize your new Christensen Arms rifle.

Bolt Action Rifles



The Ridgeline is the quintessential hunting rifle. Offered in twenty chamberings, the rifle features a sporter carbon fiber composite gunstock and a stainless steel radial muzzle brake built around a light target contour Christensen Arms carbon fiber wrapped barrel. The Ridgeline weighs in starting at 6.3 pounds and is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.

Select chamberings are available in a left-handed configuration.

Make It Yours



Not only will this kit give your rifle a fresh new look, it will also shave off more than a pound in weight.  Not ready for the complete switch to FFT? Start with a smaller accessory like the FFT Bolt Knob.

Modern Precision Rifle (MPR)

The Modern Precision Rifle is an ultra-lightweight chassis rifle designed to break with tradition. Beyond the folding stock the complete package is well equipped with a target contour Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel, carbon fiber comb, free-floating carbon fiber handguard, and 20 MOA rail. The action and stainless steel side-baffle muzzle brake are finished in Black Nitride for a sleek look. The Modern Precision Rifle weighs in starting at 6.9 pounds and is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.



Get Long Range Ready





The Traverse is an advanced backcountry rifle with time-honored styling and performance. The Monte-Carlo carbon fiber composite gunstock gives it a classic feel, while the light target contour Christensen Arms carbon fiber wrapped barrel, stainless steel side-baffle brake, 0-MOA optic rail, and bottom picatinny rail ensure state-of-the-art operation. The Traverse weighs in starting at 7.3 pounds and is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.



Keep it Classy– Even in the Backcountry