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Why do you hunt?

Top Reasons People Hunt


Feb 25, 2021 | Christensen Arms

Where do you begin when you talk about the art of hunting? Do you start with the beginning, and focus on the objective of survival? Do you talk about the rise in the production of firearms and focus on the growing popularity in recreational shooting? What about hunting that occurs outside of the human species: a lion stalking an antelope, or a hawk pursuing a rabbit. It’s hard to embody what hunting is, because it is many things. It’s the elk roast on the table you share with your family, and it’s the missed shot from the blind you sat in for 3 hours. Hunting isn’t just embedded in human culture, it IS human culture.
With all that being said, we asked you the huge question of

Why do you hunt?

and we listened. We took notes, and we’re here to share those answers.

A fellow bro, named @bro_c762 hunts to “Provide for my family and friends, giving is a massive part of hunting.” Seth Moore hunts “To be a fellow participant in nature, not just an observer.”

For a lot of you, the thrill of the hunt lies in the challenge. @Emwilson hunts for “the adrenaline rush, the feeling is incredible.” hunts for “the challenge – then rewards” and Chuk hunts for “the good times”, and you know what Chuk? I can’t agree more. For many of you it is the memories – of past, and present. Michael Johnson hunts because “I grew up on it”, just like @b.r.woods hunts because “Hunting connects me with memories of my Dad.” What is it that makes hunting such a powerful experience? I’m not a philosopher or scientist so I’ll leave that question up to you all to decide. There is also great diversity is reasons people hunt – @mobilemonstermechanic hunts because “Yes”. That is a simple enough answer that I can get behind. @Derek_r_75 hunts because “I am part of nature. Hunting resonates from the core of who I am. The wilderness is home.” Two very valid answers that are extremely different.

At the end of the day, you get to choose why you hunt. It can be for whatever you want it to be -maybe you just want to pull a trigger, or maybe you want to connect with your roots. You get to choose, and there is no wrong answer. We’re just excited we get to be a part of your hunt. So get outdoors, grab a friend, and go hunting.

Find your why.