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In the Field: Staff Picks

In the Field: Staff Picks

Hunts & Experiences

Dec 3, 2018 | Christensen Arms

Here at Christensen Arms our greatest successes are not just the products we build everyday, but the accomplishments made by those who chose to carry our firearms. Whether the hunts are big or small we’re incredibly honored to have been a part of so many pursuits. Earlier this year we invited you to Share Your Experience with us and you delivered. While there have been far too many submissions to showcase them all here are a handful of our staff picks so far:

Antelope in Wyoming

“Everyone at Christensen is so nice and very knowledgeable about their rifles. It was a no brainer for me to find a local dealer in my state to purchase a Ridgeline in a 6.5 Creedmoor. So I did find one and after breaking the barrel in the way Christensen recommended, I started getting serious about shooting long range.

I had never been on an Antelope hunt yet, hunted everything from elk, mule deer, whitetails, etc. I applied and a few weeks later found out I drew the tag I wanted. Got up the last day and it was 24 degrees out and snowing and about 30 mile an hour winds, I thought great! I could not see very well, snowing like hell, wind blowing, so I aimed at the base of his neck and let him have it! Down he went.” – Rich

Kudu in South Africa

“Dropped a great Kudu after a 3.5 hour stalk at 270 yards in Limpopo area of SA. .300 WSM but it carries like a .243. Couldn’t be happier with my CA rifle.” – Paul

Whitetail in Vermont

“The rifle has the perfect weight and performance for myself as well as my son. Light but not too light. Low recoil and accurate in 6.5 creedmore. My son 11 years old has taken three deer so far in the state of Vermont. He has a ton of confidence with the rifle, and he is becoming a serious marksman.” – Adam

Kodiak Brown Bear in Alaska

“Hunted for 12 days and 150 hours this past Spring and Fall for Kodiak Brown Bear. Finally shot this bear after 12 says that scored as a 10 footer. Took it down with one shot from your 300 win mag TFM (most guides recommend a 375 H&H which is that much more impressive with one shot kill from your 300 win mag). The Spring and Fall hunts were brutal: climbing mountains, rained 75% of the time, very basic tent camps. Always had faith in your gun which was most important looking down the barrel at a 10′ brown bear.” – Dustin

Elk in New Mexico

“Taking my son Elk Hunting was on my bucket list. While shopping for an Elk hunt in January at the Dallas Safari Club Exhibition, we stopped at the Christensen Booth. My son fell in love with the Mesa Bronze. I surprised him with the 300 Win Mag for our trip to New Mexico and it paid off. My son harvested his first elk at 602 yards.” – Mike