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Innovation at the Forefront: How Christensen Leads the Firearm Industry

Innovation at the Forefront: How Christensen Leads the Firearm Industry

How Lightweight Guns Make Christensen Arms a Heavy Hitter in the Firearm Industry

What the Firearm Industry Has to Say about Flash Forged Technology

At Christensen Arms, we use Flash Forged Technology to create the lightest, strongest rifles you’ll ever shoot—guns that change the way you hunt in the backcountry. And we’re not the only ones who say so.

Exhibit A is the Ridgeline FFT, a gun that’s 5.3 pounds of eye-catching innovation, nominated for Ballistic’s Best Reader’s Choice Award 2022. According to Rifle Shooter magazine, it’s “a rifle built with two guiding principles: It must be accurate enough to make the most important shot of your life and light enough to allow you to get in position to make that shot. Christensen Arms succeeds at both these objectives.”

Rifle Shooter points out that a successful hunt may come down to a single shot, so dedicated mountain hunters invest in the best equipment. “With so much riding on your rifle’s performance, it’s no wonder so many serious hunters choose Christensen Arms, and their newest rifle—the Ridgeline FFT—is an example of what a top-shelf backcountry hunting gear should be.

The review concludes by saying, “Christensen Arms has done a magnificent job adding high-tech features to the traditional mountain gun design and in doing so, they’ve set a higher standard for high country rifles.

Other publications have plenty to say about the Ridgeline’s place in the hierarchy of hunting rifles, too. Shooting Times adds, “Christensen arms has long been a leader in lightweight precision hunting rifles. The recently introduced Ridgeline FFT model upholds that tradition, and it could very well be the best semi-production rifle of its type the company has made. . . If just getting up the mountain and earning that shot is a battle in itself, the Ridgeline FFT is a potential game-changer.

But the Ridgeline FFT isn’t the only game-changing rifle from Christensen Arms. Weighing in at just 5.5 pounds, the Mesa FFT is the kind of gun you’ll be glad to have when you’re miles away from your truck. It’s “an ideal rifle on the mountainside, or for long treks to your hunting location,” according to The NRA American Rifleman, and “a great solution for hunting in challenging terrain and for long treks in the wilderness,” according to Hunting Retailer.

The verdict is in. Ask anyone who’s ever picked up one of our hunting rifles. If you’re a serious hunter looking for a lightweight gun that will go the distance, you can’t do better than Christensen Arms.