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Maintaining A Carbon Fiber Firearm

Maintaining A Carbon Fiber Firearm

Cleaning & Care

July 10, 2018 | Christensen Arms

Are carbon fiber barrels difficult to maintain? Generally speaking, care and maintenance of a Christensen Arms rifle equipped with one of our carbon fiber barrels will not differ drastically from other more traditional firearms. Carbon fiber is used to reduce the weight of a firearm without sacrificing strength or durability. While you can find a quick breakdown of our recommended maintenance procedures below, you should always consult your manual for more information on safe and proper care before performing any maintenance.

All rifles need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the firearm functions safely and reliably. A Christensen Arms firearm should be cleaned after use, long-term storage, contact with moisture, dirt, etc. Before performing any type of maintenance always check the chamber and magazine to ensure that the rifle is unloaded. For general care you should clean the stock with a dampened rag using warm water or a mild household cleaner. Use a high quality gun oil on the exterior of the barrel and then wipe dry to restore the original look of the carbon fiber. Although they are unlikely, you should always inspect the components of your firearm for any cracks, bends, or breaks.

Cleaning the bore of your barrel is as important as the exterior. Badly fouled barrels can lead to accuracy issues and will corrode much easier than carefully cleaned ones. In addition to premium firearms cleaning solvents and lubricants you will need a few specific tools for this process: a cleaning rod, a brass or nylon bore brush, chamber brushes, patches or swabs, and a lint-free cloth. It is important to note that lead may be present in the fouling of a rifle. Avoid contact with it and clean hands afterwards to avoid any ingestion of lead.

After you have ensured that the firearm is not loaded, remove the bolt assembly and external magazine (if applicable) from the rifle. Place the firearm on its side with the ejection port facing upward. To clean the chamber install the chamber brush on the cleaning rod, dip it into a rifle bore cleaning solvent and insert into the chamber and locking lugs. Clean by pushing and twisting the cleaning rod. Select the correct caliber bore cleaning brush and attach the cleaning rod before dipping the brush into cleaning solvent. Push the cleaning brush through the barrel several times, always starting from the chamber and moving in the direction of the muzzle. Do not reverse the direction of the bore brush while it is in the bore.

Remove the brush from the cleaning rod and attach the patch or swab tip. Push a clean patch through the chamber and barrel several times until the patch is not dirty, then push a clean patch saturated with lubricating oil through the barrel. Finally, push a clean and dry patch through the barrel to remove excess oil. It is important to always lubricate your rifle with high quality firearms lubricants. You should lightly lubricate the bore, chamber, and outer surface of the barrel.

If you have any questions or concerns about proper maintenance of any Christensen Arms firearm, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.