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January 2024 Media Coverage

Hannah Barron and Kat Munoz holding Christensen Arms rifles at SHOT Show 2024

January was a busy month with DSC, SHOT Show, and SCI. Find out what the media had to say about Christensen Arms and our new products. Click any of the logos below to read the full article.


Ooooooohhhhh, she purdy. I believe that’s what I said when I jetted over to the Christensen Arms booth to see the new line of Modern Carbon Rifles. I’m a sucker for a classic wood stock, but there’s a serious art to modern rifles done right.

This might be the rifle that wins me over when it comes to black hunting rifles. Goll dang it, it’s just purdy.

Gear Junkie [READ MORE]

If you are climbing far above the timberline to hunt sheep in potentially horrible weather, you need a gun that is super light, amazingly well built, unaffected by the environment, and capable of precision shots at extreme ranges. In short, you need a rifle where nothing is compromised.

That is where Christensen Arms excels.

Hook & Barrel [READ MORE]

This SHOT Show 2024, Christensen Arms introduces the Evoke, an all-new suite of rifles designed to provide both beginner and seasoned hunters alike with a versatile, feature-rich entry point into the lineup of Christensen Arms’ legendary rifles. The Evoke line boasts a laundry list of bells and whistles to make it suited for the blind, the mountain, and everywhere in between. [READ MORE]