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A Gun for All Seasons: The MHR from Christensen Arms

If looks could kill... the Modern Hunting Rifle

A Gun for All Seasons: The MHR from Christensen Arms

Sometimes you’re up early, trekking up a ridge as you scan the opposite hillside for that fleeting glimpse of an elk. Sometimes you’re following a herd of pronghorn across the prairie. Sometimes you’re huddled behind a blind. And sometimes… Well, you get it.

Every hunt is different. And sure, adding fifty different varieties of hunting rifles to your arsenal, one for every possible scenario, can be half the fun. But what if you had a single weapon that checked every box?

That single weapon is the Modern Hunting Rifle.

Surely that’s just hyperbole, you’re telling yourself. There’s no one rifle that does it all—or at least no single gun that does it all well. And you’d be right, if the Modern Hunting Rifle didn’t exist.

But it does, and the world is taking note…

“This rifle is not your daddy’s Model 700. The Christensen Arms MHR takes the latest manufacturing methods and components and blends them into a high-end take on the contemporary hunting rifle.” – Ballistic Magazine

The MHR is the most modular gun on the market. It’s a happy marriage between the accuracy potential of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle, taking the whole package a few steps further with over 200 different possible configurations.

Whatever you’re hunting, wherever your pursuit takes you, at least one of those configurations is just right. And if you need to switch gears mid-hunt, we’ve got you covered: you can rapidly alter almost your entire setup without ever needing to re-zero.

But it’s not just versatile. We’ve come a long way since our ancestors chased a saber-toothed tiger with a sharp stick, and the MHR is the culmination of thousands of years of humanity figuring out the best way to kill big game.

It’s futuristic. It’s classy. If James Bond needed a hunting rifle, he’d choose this one.

“In the world of big-bore double rifles, this gun is an exceptional bargain—and versatile and beautiful to boot.” – RifleShooter Magazine

So if you’re just looking for a gun that does one thing and does it well, you’ll find a million rifles out there that fit the bill.

But if you’re looking for a high-tech firearm built for any shooter and any scenario that looks good and performs better, look no further. The modern hunter needs a Modern Hunting Rifle.

“Keeping your gear’s weight to a minimum while hunting in the backcountry is essential to having a productive day in the field. Hunters and shooters looking for the performance of a chassis rifle but with great hunting ergonomics will like the Christensen Arms’ Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR).” – Tactical Life Magazine

Find a dealer near you today and add a Modern Hunting Rifle to your arsenal.