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7.5 - 8.4 LBS

May 6, 2019 | Christensen Arms

Whether you’re a dedicated long-range hunter or a novice—our ELR rifle is made for those who chase distant targets. Long-range hunting is a demanding sport that is part skill and part equipment, requiring shooters to push themselves to extremes. Like all firearms designed specifically for distance applications the ELR is larger and heavier than our other alternatives, but what it lacks in portability it delivers in performance at extended ranges.

Every ELR rifle is hand built in our Utah factory. The receiver is machined from 416R Stainless Steel and features an integral 20 MOA rail to provide additional rigidity and support for optic systems. The rifle’s target contour Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Barrel is precision drilled, button rifled, and turned down to an exceptionally slim profile before being wrapped in our proprietary aerospace grade carbon fiber composite to ensure superior accuracy and performance. The barreled action is completed with an adjustable match grade trigger, one of our Titanium Side-Baffle Muzzle Brakes, and an enlarged bolt-knob.

The firearm is then spot bedded into one of our ELR Carbon Fiber Composite Stocks. This long-range gunstock has a vertical grip with a palm swell and modified beavertail forearm to help secure a stable platform wherever it may be needed. The length of pull and comb height are adjustable in fixed quarter-inch increments with Stock Spacers. For additional fitting, the butt height can also be modified. The gunstock features dual front sling studs and a single rear sling stud. Five flush cup mounts are located throughout: on the forearm, the grip, and the rear of the gunstock. As a classic Christensen Arms firearm the ELR is offered in our standard Black with Gray Webbing finish.

The ELR is currently available in fourteen chamberings with barrel lengths ranging from 26 to 27 inches. Once complete, the rifle weighs between 7.5 and 8.4 lbs and is backed by a Sub-MOA guarantee. We take great pride in the products that we produce, and if we put our name on it, we’ll stand behind it. As with all of our firearms, the ELR available to order from any Christensen Arms dealer.