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The Summit Ti

The Summit Ti

5.5 - 6 LBS

Nov 13, 2018 | Christensen Arms

There are many great hunting rifles in life, but few which are truly unprecedented or without equal. The Summit Ti delivers that sentiment. Inspired by our decades of carbon fiber and custom firearms experience, the rifle is a refinement of our passion for composite materials and the advantage they can bring to a bolt-action platform. We’re serious about craftsmanship too: every Summit Ti is built by hand and assembled in our Utah factory.

The extensive process begins with a Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Barrel, which is machined from a 416R stainless steel bar. The steel is precision drilled, button rifled, and then turned down to an exceptionally slim profile before being wrapped in carbon fiber. Our proprietary carbon fiber is an Aerospace grade composite originally used in aircraft. This process creates a light target contour barrel with a match chamber that performs at or above the standards associated with a traditional barrel, without the weight of additional steel. The barrel is threaded, and shipped with one of our Titanium Radial Brakes.

Once finished, the barrel is installed on a precision titanium action with a fully adjustable match-grade trigger. All Christensen Arms titanium actions are made from a bar of Ti-6AL-4V and machined to include an integral 0 MOA Picatinny split rail. Lighter than steel, titanium complements the carbon fiber elements of the Summit Ti well. The various components are blueprinted with hand-lapped lugs and paired with a bolt.

The firearm is then equipped with one of our Aerograde Carbon Fiber Stocks. These gunstocks are hand laid at our facility by trained composite technicians to ensure an exceptionally high quality stock with the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The monocoque stocks are finished with full receiver glass bedding and carbon fiber pillars. For the Summit Ti, stock options include both a sporter style and a thumbhole style. The Thumbhole Stock features a modified beavertail forearm and an enhanced comb, while the Sporter Stock option can help eliminate all unnecessary elements for an ultra-lightweight setup. Finishes range from natural carbon fiber to multiple painted options.

Building a Summit Ti rifle is no small task—but the result is a striking and distinguished firearm. Currently offered in 16 chamberings and weighing between 5.5 and 6 pounds, there are few places it cannot go. Hunters who seek the very best will find there is no substitute. Backed by a .5 MOA guarantee, the Summit Ti exemplifies the finest design, quality, and performance Christensen Arms has to offer.