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Triggers & Tread

Triggers & Tread

Triggers & Tread

Oct 23, 2017 | Events

To kick off the release of our new Modern Precision Rifle, we needed a backdrop as impressive as the gun itself. While we may have spent a few years carefully designing every element of our new bolt-action chassis rifle, nature has carved the Moab landscape over a few million. It’s a sight to behold, whether viewed through a Jeep window or the lens of your optic. 

The invites for our Triggers & Tread event had gone out weeks before, although the guests didn’t quite know all of what they would be getting into. The rifle was still completely under wraps at that time. Luckily, no self-respecting outdoorsman can refuse a chance to put wheels down in the Moab desert. They packed their bags, brushed off their shooting gear, and hit the road to join us in Utah.

The guest list featured some of our top clients as well as favorite friends and writers who have made much of the Christensen Arms success possible. Folks from California to the East Coast. They would be some of the very first to know about our Modern Precision Rifle, and earning their stamp of approval meant a lot to us. These people take their firearms seriously, and they wouldn’t be shy about putting our new rifle to the test.

We didn’t take them to just any range. We built the Modern Precision Rifle for adventure, and it’s ability to keep up across a diverse number of landscapes and challenges is part of what makes it such an impressive gun. The dirt track wound in for miles through canyons, across streams, and up cliffsides. Corners were tight, but the view around every bend was well worth the trouble.

We aren’t the kind of people who take shooting lightly. We arrived at a secluded ranch deep in the hills of Moab with enough steel (lined out to 1000 yards) and ammo to put all of our guns through their paces. Christensen Arms firearms are built to go the distance and these folks got the message reaching out to touch the targets, again and again. The steel rang for hours, trigger pull after trigger pull, shot after shot. Eventually, when all the ammo was spent and the sun was setting, we hit the trails again.

Events like this one remind us why we work long hours and truly dedicate ourselves to the guns that we build. No matter where in the industry we come from, or what coast or continent we may call home, we are all brought together by a great passion for the outdoors. We hope that our products inspire others to hit the road less traveled too, whether for the first time or with seasoned experience. And if that requires renting a Jeep, we recommend you get the insurance.

See you out there.