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Jim Shockey – Team Christensen Arms

Jim Shockey

A New Partnership

Jan 13, 2020 | Christensen Arms

The people who choose to join you along the way make all the difference. With that in mind—we are excited to announce that Jim Shockey has joined Christensen Arms as a member of our professional hunting team. Jim Shockey is an internationally renowned award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, videographer, naturalist, wilderness guide, and outfitter with decades of experience in the field. 

According to the man himself: “I started my hunting career as a rifle hunter. Then switched to bowhunting, then to muzzleloader hunting and for the past many years I’ve been doing all three. With 50 years of hunting experience now under my belt, I’m going to use the best bow, best muzzleloader and best rifle for what I do. And when it comes to rifles, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best for me is Christensen Arms!” 

“The people at Christensen are serious riflemen,” Shockey announced last week. “They understand all of the elements that go into making a true precision hunting rifle. It didn’t take me long to appreciate their exacting attention to detail. Do yourself a favor, check out Christensen Arms; don’t wait 50 years like I did!”

In the coming months Jim Shockey will embark on a wide variety of hunts and adventures that will put his Christensen Arms firearms to the test in the environments they were built for. We’re confident that we engineer some of the most advanced firearms on earth. Now—we’re excited to watch him accomplish the rest.