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Master of All: The Modern Precision Rifle

Master of All: The Modern Precision Rifle

A quality gun is as much at home in a sturdy safe as it is in the back of your pickup. It’s packed alongside meat sticks and sunflower seeds as you embark into the great outdoors. It’s a valuable instrument for honing your skills and chasing after excellence at the shooting range. And it’s a trusted partner as you sit on the side of a mountain with your eager twelve-year-old on the first day of deer season.

A good gun is a premium ticket to everything good that life has to offer. And that gun has a name: The Modern Precision Rifle from Christensen Arms.

It’s fair to say that the MPR comes closer to emulating the term “do-­­everything” than any other rifle that I’ve come across. If I could pick only one rifle to use for dinging steel with my buddies to humping up the side of a mountain for elk, the MPR would be it. Its combination of light weight and a complete set of relevant features puts this one in a class by itself.

—Guns & Ammo

It’s like a trusty dog that follows you everywhere—one that just so happens to also be a next-generation, precision-engineered product of decades of innovation, all wrapped up in a tidy, efficient package. It’s light, compact, and effortlessly dependable. It’s not just a gun that can go everywhere. It’s a gun you’ll want to take wherever you go.

Outstanding accuracy and ammo tolerance come from the carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel. Carbon fiber tends to tame barrel oscillations while stiffening its spine, resulting in a tube that’s bull-barrel consistent but mountain-rifle light. Combined with the handlapped match-tolerance bore, it typically provides incredible levels of accuracy and consistency.

—Petersen’s Hunting

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re introduced to the MPR is its ultramodern, slick design that immediately lets you know you’re not just looking at another mountain gun. Then you pick it up, and another advantage the MPR has over your typical gun becomes abundantly clear: weighing less than 7 pounds, this thing is damn light for a heavy-duty rifle. As the name suggests, it’s built for accuracy surpassing just about anything else in the market. And you can’t pack that much precision and power into so light a product without mastering the art of efficiency. The MPR is one compact piece of engineering.

So pick it up. We dare you. Feel how light it is, run your hand along the sleek carbon fiber, and start imagining all the places this gun will take you.

As soon as the stock folds, the MPR gets about 25 ­percent shorter and infinitely easier to transport. Looking at the MPR, I see a rifle that is easy to live with.

— Guns & Ammo