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Testing LIMITS with Andy Stumpf

testing limits with Andy Stumpf

Testing LIMITS with Andy Stumpf


Sometimes, they’re to be tested. Other times, they’re to be respected.

Enter Andy Stumpf.

andy stumpf with his Christensen Arms Ridgeline rifleAndy is a highly decorated, immensely respected retired Navy SEAL. Throughout his storied 17-year military career, Andy embarked on hundreds of combat operations around the world, including the US’ most critical missions—as part of legendary SEAL Team Six.

Today, Andy travels the world imparting the leadership knowledge and skills acquired through his military exploits on Fortune 500 companies and national, state, and local government organizations.

He’s also a die-hard hunter and fitness enthusiast who’s known for pushing limits.

At Christensen Arms, we’re honored and thrilled to call Andy Stumpf a friend and brand ambassador. He embodies many of the qualities we hold dear: strength, virtue, dedication, perseverance, honor, passion, humility… the list goes on.

Naturally, when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Andy on a Montana elk hunt, we jumped on it. We knew it would be an epic project.

However, we didn’t realize it would be an exercise in respecting and testing limits.

Knee-deep snow. Sub-zero temperatures. Blistering winds. Unrelenting terrain and weather. Fleeting daylight. Endurance and resolve-testing treks. When Montana brought extreme weather that pushed Andy and the team to the limit, a decision had to be made regarding how far to push and which limits to test—and by how much.

With the odds stacked against them, could Andy and the team get it done in brutal conditions?

There’s only one way to find out.