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Modern Precision Pistol FAQ

Modern Precision Pistol

Modern Precision Pistol

Apr 23, 2021 | Christensen Arms

You had some great questions for us when we announced our MPP last week, so we’re tackling some of the most popular here:

1. What distance are we getting on the MPP in each respective chambering?

The maximum effective ranges of the different calibers in the MPP models will vary based upon the barrel length, and especially the bullet weight/muzzle velocity of the ammunition being used. With the shorter barrel lengths, we are seeing lower muzzle velocities (as expected) than the same ammo shot in a longer barrel. The actual performance will be 15% to over 30% lower in some cases when shot in the MPP when compared to the same ammunition fired in a standard-length rifle barrel.

2. Do we have an accuracy guarantee?

Because the Modern Precision Pistol is classified differently than a standard rifle, the usual sub-moa accuracy guarantee is not extended or offered in the MPP models. The MPP actions are V-block bedded in the chassis, so the platform does lend itself to excellent accuracy. The barrel technology used in the MPP barrels is the same as that of the rifle barrels we use on our rifle models. In our initial testing, the MPP’s performed very well in all calibers.

3. Can it be converted to the regular stock if I want to SBR it?

The action/receiver used in the MPP is a standard Remington 700 footprint. The action and barrel could be transferred to another compatible platform. The legality of such a modification would need to be established by the individual, based on the specific laws and statutes of their jurisdiction.

4. Can this be purchased in California?

Due to the design of the MPP (Modern Precision Pistol), it is considered a pistol, and therefore not able to be shipped to and sold in California.
Note: don’t worry my Californian friends – we have more products coming this year!

5. When can we expect these to start shipping?

Based upon current production schedules, the MPP will begin shipping almost immediately, and ship in larger numbers over the next 4 to 8 weeks. All calibers being offered will be shipping equally, as initial shipments are sent. It will take some time to be available in most areas.

6. Does the OAL stock collapse cause it to be restricted in Canada?

The overall length of the MPP in the folded position does make it a “Restricted” firearm in Canada.
Note: to my Canadian friends, the note for the Californians applies to you as well!

7. What is the length when folded?

The overall length of the MPP when folded is below The overall “legal length” of a firearm usually does not include the removable muzzle device.

Barrel Length      Overall length when folded (including the muzzle device)

7.5 inch                21.5 inches (approx.)
10.5 inch              24.5 inches (approx.)
12.5 inch              26.5 inches (approx.)

That concludes our Modern Precision Rifle FAQ!

If you have another question that we did not cover, feel free to head here to submit a question, or to give us an email at the following address: