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New Products for 2019

New Products for 2019

New Products

Feb 6, 2019 | Christensen Arms

We just wrapped up our biggest year yet. Whether you’ve recently joined us or been along for the ride, we are deeply grateful for your support and patronage. Few things inspire us quite like exceptional firearms—the passion of our team, our friends, and Christensen Arms owners. Here’s what’s new for 2019:

The Ridgeline in Bronze

This year we’re celebrating the success of our Bronze collection by expanding the offering to another of our most popular models. The Ridgeline in Bronze features a Burnt Bronze Cerakote finish on the action and the muzzle brake, a signature Christensen Arms green gunstock with our black and tan webbing, and a black match-grade trigger. We’ve also added 20” barrel options to our 6.5 CRDMR and 308 WIN Ridgeline offerings.

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Introducing the Traverse

A new addition to our lineup, the Traverse elevates our backcountry rifle offerings with time-honored styling and the performance you would expect from Christensen Arms. Designed to be lightweight from the inside out—this firearm takes full advantage of our expertise in carbon fiber and premium materials. Launching in more than a dozen chamberings, there is a Traverse available for every hunter and every experience.

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The Modern Precision Rifle in Desert Brown

The Modern Precision Rifle is now offered in a Desert Brown anodized chassis. This unique color option provides shooters with an alternative to the standard Black while maintaining the durability and longevity of an anodized finish. We’re rolling out additional chamberings too: the Modern Precision Rifle will now include .223 REM options in both 16” and 20” barrels.

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New 300 PRC Offerings

As we head into the new year, we’re bringing Hornady’s new 300 PRC cartridge with us. The round is a .30 caliber non-belted magnum invention developed for precision shooting applications. The 300 PRC chambering is now available in all of our bolt-action rifles, providing a new long-range option for hunters and shooters in a wide range of firearms.

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The Mesa in 6.5 PRC

By popular demand we’ve also added 6.5 PRC to our Mesa offerings. The cartridge is a relatively new long-range cartridge developed by Hornady. Those who choose to shoulder a rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC should enjoy the high velocities and long-range potential possible with the short-action round.

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The Mesa Long Range in 338 LAPUA

Last but not least, the Mesa Long Range is now available in 338 LAPUA. This long-action chambering will deliver lethal shots far and fast, although it packs a punch at both ends. Those who choose to shoot 338 LAPUA are looking for the largest and most powerful long-range round they can get.

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