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Rapid Fire Live Events


Live Events

Mar 23, 2021 | Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and custom carbon fiber barrels, is proud to announce their “Rapid Fire” interactive events. Participants will have the unique opportunity to create firearms-related questions to be answered by our resident firearm expert Jeff Bradley.

Bradley, Christensen Arms’ Brand Ambassador, will host live events where he covers firearm topics that you tell us you want to know more about, and then he answers your questions live from the comments section.

“The Rapid Fire interactive events are an excellent way for consumers to interact directly with the manufacturer, getting answers for those more challenging questions,” said Stephen Graham, Senior VP of Marketing, Christensen Arms. “This platform gives consumers access to our experts in all that is Christensen Arms. Jeff Bradley has been with Christensen longer than his beard, and lives to pass this accumulation of knowledge about the brand and products on to others.”

Tune in Thursday, April 1st as Christensen Arms will have pro-shooting team members, Bennie Cooley and KC Pratt, as guests. For access to this live event, go to: to learn everything you want to know about Christensen Arms and their state-of the-art firearms.

Bennie Cooley is a highly competitive shooter that has won numerous world and national 3 Gun championships. He also finds time to teach private groups of competition shooters and law enforcement personnel via his training company. “Christensen firearms give me an advantage in every competition I compete in due to their precision and reliability,” said Cooley.

KC Pratt is an expert in the 3-gun game and built his own private range where he trains daily. KC is currently shooting the Open and 2×4 Open divisions in the ‘top fuel” division where almost anything goes as far as equipment and optics. “Christensen Arms give me all the confidence I need as their firearms function flawlessly,” said Pratt. “Their firearms are a work of art, and the accuracy is easily sub-MOA.”

To learn more about the complete product offerings from Christensen Arms, please visit or follow us on social media @christensensarms.

About Christensen Arms
Established in 1995, Christensen Arms is focused on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes into production – resulting in some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe. Always made in America, from the first prototype to the state-of-art current production models.

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