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Christensen Arms Now Offering Their State-of-the-Art Rifles in 6.8 Western

Christensen Arms Now Offering Their State-of-the-Art Rifles in 6.8 Western

Dec 29, 2022 | Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and carbon fiber barrels, is proud to announce they are now offering 6.8 Western as a cartridge choice on their premium rifles.

The 6.8 Western cartridge utilizes a fast-rifling twist rate that allows for the use of very high ballistic coefficient and high sectional density .277′′ bullets that excel on bigger game and at extended range. The 6.8 Western cartridge has really taken off with many hunters and Browning and Winchester now produce several different variants of 6.8 Western ammo for hunting elk, deer, moose, bear, and many other big game animals.

“We are dedicated to providing our discerning customers with the very best products in a vast array of calibers, a commitment which continues with our latest selection of firearms available in
6.8 Western,” said Wille Vernon, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Christensen Arms. “No matter the application, customers can count on a Christensen Arms rifle in their preferred caliber
to get the job done.”

Designed using precision engineering adopted from the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms’ new 6.8 Western carbon fiber barrels are crafted using a proprietary layered design that offers
any marksman superior accuracy and performance. The barrel lining is made from match-grade 416R stainless steel and is measured to a tolerance of +/- .0001. When it comes to accuracy,
Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrels have the performance you can trust.

Rifles Available in 6.8 Western

You can find 6.8 Western chambering available in the Mesa FFT, Ridgeline FFT, Traverse, ELR, Summit, and Modern Precision Rifle (MPR) platforms. You’re welcome to explore each rifle’s specs if you want to learn more about the 6.8 Western carbon fiber barrels and barreled actions.